What an amazing time in your life! I'm so happy you have found the person you wish to spend your life with.

Engagement sessions with me are aimed to be upbeat, fun and something you will look back on fondly.
If you’re looking for a photographer who genuinely loves to get to know you both and takes the time to allow you to feel comfortable, then you've come to the right place.

The main purpose of an engagement session isn't just to celebrate your engagement, it's actually designed as a practice shoot before the big day. I highly recommend that you have your engagement session with your chosen wedding photographer.
An engagement session is included in all wedding packages. 

The benefits of having an engagement session are massive. 
Investing this time with your photographer allows you to
A) relax and becoming comfortable with having your photo taken,
B) get to know how your photographer works and suggest any changes that would be better for the wedding day and
C) you have a beautiful gallery of fun photos to use for your save-the-dates or invitations. 

Also, there's huge benefits for your photographer too. Such as:
A) your photographer gets to know you both better and what unique quirks you have. Essentially, identify what makes you guys, you.
Being able to give you beautiful photos is one thing, but to give you beautiful photos that highlight your unique relationship quirks is even better. 
B) Your photographer can get an idea of how much direction you do or don't need on the wedding day, what poses work best, how to get genuine real smiles from you and even suss out how comfortable you are with kissing each other in front of the camera!
All of the above leads to one thing: Incredible wedding photos.

I am based in Bathurst, New South Wales and whilst I love photographing here, I am always happy to travel to you.

Please get in touch via the contact page, I’d love to hear from you!